Guestbook 2015

Reproduced below are extracts from The Mill's Guestbook.  If you do not want your comments included below, then please let me know.


We had a great time in the Mill! Everything was amazing, and the house is great! We cannot explain the fun we had here. The pool is amazing, the showers were good. We really don't want to leave. The WI-FI worked very well. This week was amazing thanks to the Old Olive Mill!
Thank you for a great time!

The Bashans
August 2015

We've had a fantastic time in this lovely villa on this lovely island. If you can tear yourself away from lazing beside the pool, which is very difficult, there are some lovely places to visit!
Hope to be back soon!

Grace and John Nicholls.
September 2015

A lovely and comfortable house to stay in, with amazing views all around. The olive trees, the garden, the view of the sea, the cat, even the swimming pool with water a little bit on the cold side! It was great to be with friends, having all the facilities of the house.
Crete is a really nice island, with beautiful beaches and mountains, the only regret is that we only stayed for five days.
Hope to be back soon!

Anna, Stefan and the children Medhni, Julien, Sergill, Cyril and Loic
October 2015

Our trip started off with rather chilly weather due to an extreme autumn storm. Things improved for the better after 3 days. We love the Old Olive Mill, it's a truly historic place with a great views to the mountains and sea.
October 2015