Guestbook 2008

Reproduced below are extracts from The Mill's Guestbook.  If you do not want your comments included below, then please let me know.


Splended place – a week was not nearly long enough. Enjoyed watching the baby goats bouncing up and down the steps to the pool!

Robertson family
April 2008

The Olive Mill has met all our expectations, and what a wonderful location.  Recommend a drive to Paleachora on the South Coast and Lefka Taverna down in Kolyimbari.  Had a wonderful time - the only downside was the cockerel which seemed to start crowing at 3.00am every morning!

Nick and Erica, Headley, Hampshire
May 2008

First trip to Crete and loved every minute of it - the Mill is obviously centre stage in terms of its location, view and atmosphere – Roxanne your only neighbour brought us excellent ‘village eggs’.  Highly recommended.    

Dil Smith
May 2008

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our stay, the weather at this time of year is ideal.  Particularly loved the pool and watching the ‘swallow ballet’ as the sun set at the end of each day. Here are our tips:  bakery in Tavronitis is excellent, Tamam (the old Turkish Baths) in Hania Old Town was the best food we ate and stop of at Elos on your 'must see' day trip down to Elefonisi on the South Coast.

The Shoobridge, Woodville, Morton and Napier families from Las Vegas, Sheffield and Caterham
June 2008

Another fantastic holiday at The Mill with memories to treasure.

Jim, Margaret and family, Twickenham, England
July 2008

An excellent holiday, we leave well rested. Special thanks to Eleni for all her help.

Sharon and Eric Santoni, France
July 2008

Thank you.  Perfect in all ways.

The Dionas family, Leominster, Herefordshire
July 2008

As with everyone else, we agree that this place is superb. Particularly loved the afternoon swims, doing our own organic cooking and having dinner on the upstairs balcony watching the sunset.  Our highlights of Crete were walking round Chania Old Town (complete with Fenny’s Guide), St John the Hermit’s Cave, eating at Ela’s and the Samaria Gorge.  The guided tour of the Samaria Gorge was too long, with a 4hour wait on the beach before the return coach trip to Chania.  Having left the Mill at 5.30am, we eventually got back at 10.00pm. We will come back, and feel lucky that we were able to experience all the Olive Mill has to offer.

Elish and Len Frank – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
July 2008

Super holiday – first week with two families here, and the second week with just the 5 of us.

We found the restaurants are very average, but the best, The Well of the Turk in Hania and Aidonissos at Gerani on the Old Road to Hania, were both very good.  Visit the Archaeological Site of Polyrinia, about 7km south of Kissamou - even if your not interested in antiquities (like my children), it’s a fabulous place with simply breathtaking views.

Our favourite beach was off the road to Kissamou, sing posted ‘Pirgou Camping’, sand, stones and pleasant waves.

I dislike shopping and crowds, but Hania really is a beautiful city and needs time spent wandering around.

We’ve seen Barn Owls, bats, hedgehogs, preying mantis and the amazing swallows drinking from the pool in the evening.

A really fabulous place to stay.

The Weaving family
August 2008

We have had a great time at the Olive Mill.  Falasarna was our favourite beach because of the clear sea and stunning views.  Kolimbari is a nice place for an evening meal, with the restaurants overlooking the sea.

The animals we met at the Olive Mill were Roger the Rat, Larry the Lizard, Snowy the Cat, Zack the Dog, Hilary the Hen and the 22 rabbits living in the old ruin next door.

We loved the pool and the terrace in the evenings for dinner.  The fans in the Bedrooms were good, and we coped with a power cut by using the gas cooker and oil lamps in the Kitchen.

There is a dvd shop in Kolyimbari called Eleven’s. which we went to every evening to rent English dvd (take an Olive Mill card as ID).

We had a fabulous time here, and will hopefully be returning soon.

Amber, Susan, Cris, Ainsley and Lily – Roma
August 2008

Excellent time - again!  The food at The Well of the Turk was very good, as ever, but service was disappointingly slow – a pity as this used to be the highlight of our evening trips into Hania.

Bakery in Tavronities remains superb.

We seem to have spent most of our time eating and drinking (when not sitting by the pool).

Thanks again – a lovely holiday.

Gill and John – Farnham, Surrey
September 2008

The Olive Mill is just as good as the website!

Arrived Tuesday afternoon, and our wedding co-ordinator came over Wednesday morning to make the final arrangement.

Thursday was our Wedding Ceremony here at the Mill, and a coach and horse took us from the bottom of the hill to Kolyimbari Town Hall to sign the papers.

Then back to the Mill for an evening Reception.

Visited the wonderful beach at Falasarna, and evening trips into Hania for dinner by the harbour.

We all enjoyed our stay here, which we found very relaxing.

Mr and Mrs (!) Amanda and Steve Davies, Staines, Middlesex
September 2008

The Mill stood up to all our expectations, and a very relaxing holiday was spent in a peaceful and beautiful location.

Monica Barbour
September 2008

Fabulous place and setting – really a ‘home from home’ feel.  The Mill caters for every need. The holiday started with a lovely warm welcome from Eleni, and her advice was more than welcome – the thoughtfully prepared hamper was also well received.

Our recommendations are Falisarna, Elefonisi (with its beautiful beach and walk across to the stunning island through about 2’ of water - not for the faint hearted along windy mountainous roads) and the huge cave at Agia Sofia.

All in all a fabulously relaxing holiday – hope to return some day soon.

John, Jane, Miks and Hannah Sallabank
September 2008

Visit number six!

As enjoyable as the first time – not much in life you can say that about!

Special thanks to Eleni for helping us out with the ice machine.

Jeremy and Lisa, Guildford, Surrey
September 2008