Innoculations Innoculations are not necessary for travel between the UK and Crete.

Insurance and the EHIC (formerly the E111) The 'European Health Insurance Card' (EHIC) has replaced the old E111. The issue of E111's ceased on 31 August 2005, and from 1 January 2006 the E111 is no longer valid. Those visitors who do not already carry personal and/or family travel insurance are advised to take out suitable cover prior to the date of travel. If you are unfortunate enough to require medical attention whilst in Crete, the local doctor will either charge you direct for any treatment, in which case you would make a claim on your return to the UK, or the doctor may charge your insurance company direct. If you require hospital treatment, your insurance should cover for this treatment to be carried out in a private hospital. If you require emergency treatment, this will probably be provided at a government (IKA) hospital or medical centre, the cost of which may be covered by a EHI Card which is obtainable from most post offices in the UK. Further information can be found at:

Passports and Visas There have been recent changes to the passport requirements for UK citizens. Further information can be found at: Visas are not required for British subjects visiting Crete. I would suggest that non-British passport holders contact the Greek Embassy in London (telephone 020 7221 6467) to establish entry requirements.

Greek Tourist Board (EOT) The EOT office in Hania is on Kriari St (off Taxi Square at the top of Halidon Street) (telephone 00302 8210 92943.)