Taxis  Taxis fares are reasonable in Crete, with the fare structure being regulated by the Greek Authorities. Most drivers speak as least a little English.

In Hania, the lower part of registered taxis is dark blue, and the upper half is white.

Taxis in cities and bigger towns must use the meter, and the driver has to switch it on when you get in. There are two basic tariffs: Tariff 1 - 'Day rate' - used from 5.00 am to 12.00 pm Tariff 2 - 'Night rate' - used from 12.00 pm to 5.00 am Taxis fares away from the cities and bigger towns should be agreed before your journey.

There is a small surcharge from the airport and Souda Bay , as well as on some Bank Holidays, particularly over Easter and Christmas.

You can hail a taxi in the street or book one by telephoning a local taxi company, although there may be a small surcharge for this service. You can also get a taxi from a taxi stand, the main taxi stand in Hania being on 1861 Square (known locally as 'taxi square'), at the top of Halidon Street.

It is not uncommon for other people to get into the taxi with you, or for the taxi driver to stop en-route to collect more passengers, providing the route is convenient for all. Some taxi drivers will ask your permission for this, and you may withhold it. Fares however are not expensive, and this is the way for drivers to improve their income. Sharing a taxi is not a way of reducing your fare.

In the unlikely event of a dispute about service or overcharging, contact the Crete Tourist Police (telephone 171) (remember to write down the driver's License Number). If an incident occurs at the Airport, contact the Airport Traffic Police. Radio Taxis in Hania, telephone 28210 98700/1, 98770 or 98288.