Guestbook 2002

Reproduced below are extracts from The Mill's Guestbook.  If you do not want your comments included below, then please let me know.


From the 'kalimera' that greated us from your only neighbour, to the fresh kalamari at the Kolimbari tavernas, The Mill and the local environment made for a superb holiday.

Haworth, Putney
July 2002

What a fantastic job you have done in restoring The Mill, and what a suburb location!

We have enjoyed the most relaxing holiday we have had in many years.  A lovely island with really lovely people.  Only which we had gone to Falasarna earlier in the holiday.

Absolutely superb.  So many memories to take home.  The beautiful scenery, the people, the food, the stars, the owls, the list is endless.  Thank you!

Humphreys, Bristol 
August 2002

Could anyone fail to fall into the Cretan way of life whilst staying in this perfect setting amongst people who value being relaxed and yet are so vibrantly alive.

Paten, Surrey 
September 2002

We have thoroughly enjoyed staying here at The Mill and the surrounding countryside.  Thank you for allowing us to share this beautiful part of Crete with you.

Fishlock, West Sussex
October 2002