Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum. Situated on Halidon Street, about 2 minutes walk from the harbour in Chania, in the former 14th Century Monastery Church of San Francesco. The museum, which opened in 1963, features exhibits found in the Province of Hania from Neolithic to Roman times, including the finds from the Minoan Kydonia excavations located on Kastelli Hill (Kanevaro Street). The Kanevaro Street excavation helps substantiate the claim that Chania has had continuous human occupation for over 6,000 years. The exhibits include vases, ceramics, jewels and clay sarcophagi. Also included are a number of clay seals, including the famous figure of a Minoan man, standing high above the sea, with the sea itself seemingly smashing against the City gates. Was this the tsunami that wiped out the Minoan civilisation following the Santorini eruption in about 1450BC?

Hamam. Opposite the Archaeological Museum is one of three remaining examples of Turkish Hamams (steam baths) in Chania. This building, currently a clothes outlet, features eleven hemispherical domes. Five minutes walk away is the Hamam in Zambeliou Street, with the excellent Tamam Taverna located in the original cold water plunge pool.