Falassarna lies in what is now a coastal plain west of Kastelli.
The drive down provides stunning views over the lovely large sandy beach which is never over populated, with excellent tavernas overlooking the sea.
Perfect for children.
(Falassarna was once the port for the ancient Greek/Roman city of Polyrinia. An artificial channel runs north from where the cape curves out from the shore to reach a wide, shallow bowl in the rock, now leveled. This was a man-made harbour with towers and fortified walls. The city's Acropolis stood on the back of the headland with a Temple to Artemis near the present day church of Ayios Yioryios.
Subterranean tectonic upheavals stranded the port by raising it 6m above sea level in 438AD, and caused earthquakes that finally destroyed the city.
Don't miss the stone 'throne' on the left of the track, the purpose of which is unknown).
Drive time from The Mill, about 45mins